Education and Learning with Joi and Mimi Ito

This is a great listen for parents, educators, and anyone interested in how kids (and adults) learn. It’s a conversation between Joi Ito and his remarkable sister Mimi about learning, education, digital media and more. You can find it on YouTube and Soundcloud and Joi’s website:

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If you’re not familiar with Joi and Mimi, here’s a good start:

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iPhone Changed Everything

10 years ago today, Steve Jobs introduced the world to a new thing — the iPhone.

Even if you are familiar with the event, have seen the video, or were there, it may not occur to you how weak the reception was in that room, that day.

With remarkable style, Steve Jobs setup the context masterfully, and then said,

… we’re introducing three revolutionary products….

(Polite clapping and a couple whoops)

The first one is a widescreen iPod with touch controls.

(Cheers, whistles and clapping)

The second is a revolutionary mobile phone.

(The crowd goes wild!)

And the third is a breakthrough Internet communications device.

(Polite clapping, and a single whoop)

An Apple phone had been widely anticipated. Ever since the modest success of the Newton among the über-Nerd set, Apple fans were hoping the company would step into the phone market. The iPod’s success showed Apple could venture beyond its roots as a computer maker and bring the same attention to engineering and design to a new category.

But in 2007, phones were still phones, even when they were in your pocket, and even when they were “Smart.” Sophisticated devices from industry leaders like Nokia and Sony were still just phones with extra stuff tacked on, or at best, a Palm Pilot bolted to your phone.

Technology tends to define progress by features and performance sec97e4. So, in any class of device, making something better means making it faster, or smaller, or adding a camera, or a better screen, or new ports, or… whatever.

Everyone fascinated by technology knows that when enough changes, something new becomes possible. But seeing that possibility or understanding how that happens is very different from creating that new thing – the new thing that changes everything.

When technology improves 10x, we can do more. When technology improves 100x, something new becomes possible…
– Ed McCracken, CEO, Silicon Graphics

The personal computer changed everything. Not only did it launch a new industry, but it also changed the nature of business, work, and entertainment. It made possible everything from spreadsheets to the Skycam to home recording studios.

Advances in automobile engines, product design, pharmaceuticals, climate science, pilot training, and movie production were made possible by computer graphics —specifically the interactive kind pioneered by Silicon Graphics.

Mobile phones accelerated all of this. They required faster processors, faster cellular networks, better batteries, and better screens — all of it cheaper because of the massive volume of the mobile phone business. From this comes aerial drones, Snapchat, and watches that tell you when it’s time to stand up and walk around.

But people get stuck, in their minds, on the thing now. Is Snapchat ruining our relationships? Is Facebook a publisher? Did the internet kill the music industry?

Consider instead what’s possible. Social media will be here tomorrow. Musicians will make music, and music lovers will find them. My friends will see my photos of my funny animals. And no matter what your hobby or profession, you will find those people who share your passion, wherever they are. We will continue to build a global network of ideas and people.

I believe that this means we will become a little more aware of how alike we are, and a little more fascinated by our small differences.

Back to the iPhone: the crowd that day didn’t know what this thing would become. They heard Steve Jobs say the words , but they didn’t understand what they meant. None of us did. I wonder if even Steve Jobs knew what those words would come to mean.

Because “a revolutionary internet communication device” is exactly what the iPhone is, and now we know that. It makes possible new things — many that we have yet to imagine. Not just small devices and internet services, but also new art, new ideas, and new relationships and communities.

How will you use these tools? What will you build?

Love and Fear

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Yesterday I was cleaning up around the house and enjoying the latest Tim Ferris Show, What I learned in 2016, and right in the beginning was reminded of Oprah’s idea that there are only two emotions, Love and Fear.

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My own book research has me reading even more than usual. Last week I received a new book that I had pre-ordered, Whiplash: How to Survive OurFaster Future, by Joi Ito and Jeff Howe. I set aside the several books I’m currently reading and finished this new one in just a few days.

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Hour of Code

Computers are not magical or mysterious. Their amazing abilities are built up from simple ideas. That’s what’s surprising. How did we arrive at today, with these devices in our pocket and a (nearly) global network connecting them, and with software running that allows it all to do so many useful and entertaining things?

Lady Ada, Countess of Lovelace wikipedia, was the first to get it. She understood, before any computers existed, that a machine with a few simple arithmetic abilities could do much more. (Notably, the men who were designing these calculating machines didn’t get it.) It would be about 100 years before the programmable computers she envisioned would be “invented”.

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Advice on Computer and Software Upgrades

Keeping your computer software up-to-date is important for security, and also gets you the latest great features. Computer hardware is better than ever, which also means that a computer stays useful longer than ever and is more reliable because of better chassis, connectors and electronics, and fewer moving parts.


Whether you are using macOS (previously Mac OS X), Windows, or Linux, keeping your computer up-to-date gives you the latest security updates and helps keep your computer reliable and fast. We can quibble over preferences and the track records of software vendors, but keeping your software updated is always the best choice.

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Hazel is a Great Tool

Hello world!

Email Apps

I’ve been using email for over 35 years (no typo) and I’m still surprised by the clever new ideas I see in the best email apps. Email apps can add an email to a reading list, or turn it into an item in your to-do list, or add an event to your calendar. Many have features for smart sorting of your email and to “snooze” an email for later. Many are beautiful and thoughtfully designed with gestures for touch-screen devices.

But what’s best for me is not necessarily what’s best for you. Below I run through some basics about email and make some recommendations for good apps to try. viagra in india buy online

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30 Years

June 20th, 1986 I started a new adventure at a new job and in a place that would become home. Cialis 10 mg

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The Square Peg Foundation Journey

I wrote a short thing about our long journey together creating and building Square Peg Foundation. It’s over on the Square Peg blog:

A Journey, Together