My rich experience leading program development, product management, technical support, and global business operations prepare me for solving complex problems across programs and functions. I learn new systems quickly thanks to my deep technical expertise across hardware and software systems. I’ve started companies, advised startups, and worked in companies from dozens to tens of thousands.

Culture matters. I thrive in that combination of pace, fascination and striving that are found in the best technology companies. We focus on the product, how the customers use it, and what they use it for – which is sometimes surprising. We solve problems, work out new ideas, and make the product better. This is a team sport, not in the sense of fixed structure, but as a fluid dance of trust built on competence and mutual support. I’m dedicated to building an effective team with a positive culture and collaborative environment.

My experience includes global programs, where I’ve thrived working in different cultures and business environments. I’ve carried a P&L and handled executive escalations. I bring a balanced, holistic approach to programs and operations, defining and building customer-facing programs across organizations. My skills here are exemplary; defining programs, building alignment across functions, and bringing analytical and creative thinking to solving problems and achieving goals. I’m especially adept at working across organizations and directly with customers in high-stakes projects and decisions.

Technology, Products, and People

For me, technology has always presented a range of possibilities for improving life and connecting us to one another. I enjoy working with teams who are trying to build something that matters… products and services that make a difference in people’s lives. Sometimes it’s life-saving technology, and sometimes it’s just something that makes you smile and allows you to share and connect with others.

Consulting – Innovation, Product Strategy, and Operations

I have extensive technical expertise in internet technologies and computing systems (both hardware and software), and global business experience in service operations, product marketing, product management, and startups.

I also also help companies build their strategy and operations for product, customer success, social media, developer programs, and technical support.

I am taking new clients on a project or advisory basis. Please contact me directly for an initial meeting.

Technology Strategy — Digital Strategy, Privacy, and Integration

I help people and small organizations with technology strategy and IT systems implementation and support. I can help you figure out how to upgrade your web presence, better ensure your privacy, or just make everything work better together. Depending on your needs, I can pull experts from a range of disciplines to help get you setup, and even vet ongoing solution providers to keep you running and handle your day-to-day IT support needs. I help small non-profits at a discounted rate. Please contact me for details.


Darius Dunlap
darius at purissimatech dot com

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