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A Swift Kickstart – Daniel Steinberg
My favorite book recommendation for people who want to understand and become fluent in the Swift programming language. Practical courses like Paul Hudson’s “100 Days of SwiftUI” are fantastic, but Daniel brings the full understanding of how it all works and why.

A SwiftUI Kickstart – Daniel Steinberg
A similar conceptual walk-through for SwiftUI.

The C Programming Language – Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie
Worth reading through, even today. This was the third language I learned – Fortran and 6809 Assembler being the first two. My own fascination with C started with reading and understanding the source code of the Unix operating system, and later reading the source of the TCP/IP stack and related network software and comparing it to the RFCs.

The C++ Programming Language – Bjarne Stroustrup
Much-maligned these days, this language was fascinating to learn and try to understand. it built on the foundation of C to improve the facilities for data abstraction. It’s a well-written book and worth reading.

Websites & Blogs

Hacking with Swift
Paul Hudson does great learning videos and books to help people learn Swift and SwiftUI. Start with his 100 Days of Swift, for free, and YouTube videos, or dive right into a subscription to Hacking with Swift+ (HWS+), his book bundles and more.