Darius/Docadus by Joi
photo by Joichi Ito

Darius is fascinated by technology that shapes our world, and by the connections it enables between people as they create and learn. His technical expertise includes internet technologies and computing systems from supercomputers to mobile devices. He has a strong business foundation in international operations and management, product and service definition, and global business development.

Darius has also been a mentor to startup teams and an advisor to startup incubators, universities, growing companies and large enterprises around the world. He leads workshops on Customer-Focused Product Definition and Development, Innovation Management, the Lean Startup approach to customers and product, Business Model Analysis and Strategy using variations of the Business Model Canvas, Innovation in Service Operations, Innovation in the Enterprise, as well as custom-developed programs.


Founder and Board President of Square Peg Foundation, a non-profit education and animal welfare organization with a mission to turn “I Wish” into “I Can.” At Square Pegs, Everyone Fits.

Owner of Purissima Technologies, a technology services company specializing in privacy, identity, & security and reliable WiFi.

Darius is often called in as an advisor to startups and regular speaker on startup strategy, customer development and product and services development.

Hobbies and Interests

Darius is writing a couple books… yes, at the same time. More about that later.

Darius is also an avid chef, specializing in local fresh foods and simple recipes for fabulous and delicious meals. His primary customer is his wife, Joell, who is a very good eater. Darius’ poorly kept food blog is at http://www.feedthegirl.com.

Darius and a friend created and operated the Palo Alto Acoustic Music Open Mic at Cafe Verona in Palo Alto in the early 2000’s. He plays guitar and has recently been learning to play bass, as well as getting the piano (his childhood instrument) back under his fingers.


Darius and his wife Joell live in Half Moon Bay, California with their cats Bobbi and Billie and their hound Patti.

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