Learning & Cognition Resources


Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron
Classic on creativity through a spiritual path

Creative Schools – Ken Robinson, PhD
Brilliant treatise on recreating education

Thinking, Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman
Brilliant Treatise on Intuition vs. Logic

It’s Complicated – dana boyd
I’ve been a fan of dana boyd’s work for almost 20 years. In “It’s Complicated”, she explores how teens use social media for identity formation and more. As with everything danah, it’s brilliant.

Websites & Blogs

Will Richardson writes about how people learn and how to improve schools, at https://willrichardson.com/

Austin Kleon is an artist and author of “Steal Like and Artist”, and “Show Your Work”: https://austinkleon.com/

Sir Ken Robinson is gone, but his ideas and example are still relevant and inspiring. https://www.sirkenrobinson.com