Apple Vision Pro reviews and commentary

If you’re interested in understanding Apple Vision Pro,  I recommend the review by Marques Brownlee (MKBHD), who says, “Just as interesting as this individual product is the possible future that this implies”

Apple Vision Pro Review: Tomorrow’s Ideas… Today’s Tech!

As usual the production is superb, but more important is the insight Marques brings. Watch the whole thing. 

Marques also did an earlier video that goes into the details of Apple Vision Pro, how to use it and how the gesture control and other features work. It’s excellent for those of us who like to dive into the details. 

Using Apple Vision Pro: What It’s Actually Like!

I also have to point you to the video Casey Neistat made. It’s ridiculous and also profound. It’s hilarious watching him riding the subway and walking around Times Square. And you get the feel of what this thing is like, better than any other video I’ve seen so far. His commentary at the end is spot on. Check it out:

the thing no one will say about Apple Vision Pro

The conversation about what this thing means and how to think about it is expanded in The Talk Show 395, With Special Guest Adam Lisagor

 You can get this as an audio podcast, but the video, showing John and Adam as their Apple Vision Pro personas is worth watching. Adam’s company, Sandwich, makes commercials with personality and style. Adam understands how to communicate about technology, and their conversation about Apple Vision Pro touches on all those human elements of what this technology means. Yeah, it’s long. I think it’s all worth watching, but you can check out the intro for the first two minutes and then skip to the chapters that interest you. The Chapters “Using Vision Pro”, “The Apple Ecosystem”,  and “Filmmaking and Vision Pro” are my own highlights. 

So now that I’ve given you a bunch of homework, what’s my take on this new device and the future of this new technology? It’s pretty simple: You don’t need an Apple Vision Pro. But you will. 

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