Liberating your contacts from Facebook

Here is a simple method of getting your contacts out of Facebook and into your Gmail.

It starts with Yahoo! Facebook allows exporting of contacts to Yahoo!, reportedly through a lucrative arrangement. You will need a Yahoo Mail account, but they are free: ? – and click “Signup” if you don’t already have an account.

in your Yahoo mail, there is a Contacts selector in the left column. it looks like this:




Once you have selected Contacts,  Select Tools -> Import, as shown:



You will get a dialogue like the one shown below. Select Facebook:



Facebook will ask you to confirm that you want to share contacts with Yahoo!, click “Okay”.




Yahoo! will report success, including the number of contacts imported.




Now you export the contacts, using a very similar method. This time, select Tools -> Export, as shown.




Choose an export format in the dialogue shown below. Yahoo! CSV works best for importing to Google.



Yahoo! checks to see that you are a real person by asking you to transcribe some mashed up letters:



Once the export is complete, open and log into Gmail, select Contacts, and then More Actions -> Export. You will get an “Import contacts dialogue like the one below.


<img title="GmailImportContactsDialogue-5" src=" Your Domain″ border=”0″ alt=”GmailImportContactsDialogue-5″ data-recalc-dims=”1″ />

Choose the file, and I recommend also adding these to a special group at the same time, which will help you see them all. Google seems to do a pretty good job of merging duplicates, but having them in a special group will help you check and fix any problems. (I had no problems from my import.)





Congratulations! Your Facebook friends’ contact info are now all in your Gmail!












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